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Politics and philosophy
Attack Politics

President Obama should pay attention to something President Bill Clinton said the other day. Appearing on "Feherty," the excellent and entertaining profile show on the Golf Channel, Clinton answered a question by the host, David Feherty, who asked whether we can have heroes today such as those we had in the early '60s.

"I think in this warts-and-all world we're living in, you know that we can't forget to trust people, that we can't believe that they will always respond to people's failures as the press wishes them to if the press takes out after them.

"The ordinary person is a lot smarter than that. They can admire someone for what they did that is good and absorb the fact that they weren't perfect. Whereas a lot of people in the world we live in today say, 'If I could just show people that person's not perfect. If I could just show them that, I could take 'em down. And I'd somehow be elevated by taking somebody else down.'

The average person can see through that in a heartbeat."

Clinton probably had himself in mind, for he certainly hopes that history remembers him for his successes and not for his personal failures; yet he


Conservative or Liberal

A pollster called my house a few weeks ago and started her survey by asking whether I was a conservative or liberal.

"It depends on what you mean by conservative," I said.

The caller made a funny noise as though she had just swallowed a pencil and a sharp one at that. I knew better, however, as pencils have largely disappeared in this modern age of technology, saving countless trees and thereby delaying global warming, I am sure.

"How do you define conservative?" she asked.

"Well, a conservative is the opposite of a liberal," I replied. "But if you look up a liberal in the dictionary, it says that a liberal doesn't like the status quo and wants change. If that's the case, I'm a liberal because I don't like the status quo, and I want change, and not just a little change but radical change."

"Like what?" she asked.

"Like electing leaders who won't borrow money from the Chinese to pay our bills," I said. "I think we should spend no more than we bring in. The people who are running our country right now are


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