Rich LaRocco

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Welcome to my world
Welcome to my corner of the digital universe, a place nobody knew existed when a kindly doctor dangled me by my feet and gave my hind end a good whack to make sure my vocal cords and eyelids worked. My parents, I'm sure, would never have believed that their first son someday would possess the power to communicate simultaneously with millions of humans on every continent, both poles, a space station and the top of Mount Everest. Yet here I am.

My site offers me a convenient way to share my life — my thoughts, my photography, my interests, my politics and philosophy, my artwork and even my research and theories about various topics.

A few years ago I did a search for and was surprised to find that somebody else already had reserved the domain.

My name is so rare that no LaRocco outside my family lived in my home state of Utah when I was growing up. So I was a bit surprised that some other Rich LaRocco had decided to stake his claim on the 160 acres of digital real estate that I had intended to homestead. When the original homesteader left for parts unknown recently, I took over the claim.

In the coming months and years and, I hope, decades, I will be shipping various of my possessions to this little spot. I'll start with a sod house, graduate to a rough hewn cabin, and eventually will build a nice home with several bedrooms, a big rec room, a garage with plenty of storage shelves and a big basement where I can put things I might use someday.

Now that I have a place to live, my friends and acquaintances and even strangers will be able to find me. Don't try to burglarize me, however. I'm usually home, and I believe in the Second Amendment.

If I ever decide to run for political office someday, my domain could turn out to be a strategic location from which to run a campaign.

Fleshing out my website will take awhile. Right now it's little more than a skeleton with a few bits of dried flesh stuck to the ribs. In time I hope it turns out to be a repository of useful and interesting information. I'll probably add a blog or some sort of journal, and I might offer a way for my friends and family and maybe even for strangers to enhance the site.

Feel free to email me with your thoughts. I don't need lectures from ideologues whose minds are closed, but if you know something that might be helpful to me or my friends and acquaintances, please feel free to send it to me by email. If you want to phone me, realize that you'll be calling into the Western time zone.