Rich LaRocco

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My hobbies
Whenever I've filled out a form that has asked me to list my hobbies, there is never enough room. From collecting coins, stamps and insects, from astronomy to reading, from playing Boggle and chess to golf, I've had many hobbies. Two of my avocations, hunting and fishing, became my vocation as well when I began selling outdoor articles to national magazines.

My boyhood friends will remember how much I loved astronomy and had a big white reflector telescope to gaze at Saturn, the moon and other celestial objects.

My brothers will recall how I emulated Thomas Edison and collected chemicals in old bottles. And I mean truly old bottles because many of them were the treasures we found while looking for bottles that had turned purple with age in Utah ghost towns, such as Dividend, where our father was born the year the Great Depression began.

This page is under construction. For today I just wanted to post a picture of myself, my son Mark and my son-in-law Justin as we got ready to golf at Mick Riley Golf Course in Murray, Utah, on Saturday. None of us broke any records, but we had fun. We all got a par on the first hole, which is a difficult hole, and then it was downhill from there.