Rich LaRocco

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Fishing: A lifelong obsession
Some of my earliest memories involve fishing with my parents, my Grandpa Bailey, my cousins, and my brothers and sisters. And now I'm building memories for the younger members of our clan as well as my closest friends and their children. Fishing is a great excuse to spend time with people you love in an environment that allows you to appreciate the planet that God created for us. I've enjoyed fishing from Alaska to Mexico, but I seldom pass up a chance to spend time on any water. A trickle of a creek running from the Wasatch Mountains or a big lake ringed with cattails or a glassy pond high in the Uinta Mountains -- all are places where memories are made. For the past 15 years I've fished primarily from a boat, but some of my favorite angling experiences involve trying to outsmart trout on a river.

Here are pictures from some of my 2012 fishing trips. Click on photos for larger images.

Grandson Michael with his first white bass. He was getting tired of holding the fish for a picture. Utah Lake, June 2012.

Grandson Parker with one of the dozens of white bass we caught one day in June in Utah Lake.

My son Mark holds Michael's first bluegill. Utah Lake, June 2012.

White bass are pretty fish. When I was a kid, my cousins and I called them herring. Utah Lake, June 2012.

Ryan Thomas landed this 21 1/2 pound lake trout at Flaming Gorge during our trip in June.

Pete prepares to net Ryan's 21 1/2 pounder, June 2012.

My friend Ryan Thomas, my grandson Parker and I caught more than 120 white bass one day.

Parker soon learned how to use an artificial jig to catch white bass. Utah Lake, June 2012.

My grandson Ben caught a 36-inch tiger muskellunge on his first try at Newton Reservoir, June 2012.

I reeled in this 12 1/2 pound lake trout, which took a big Flatfish dragged on the bottom. Flaming Gorge, June 2012.

I help my brother Craig net an 8 1/2-pound channel catfish at Utah Lake, June 2012.

Craig LaRocco, 8 1/2-pound channel catfish, Utah Lake, June 2012.

Ryan was happy with the day's biggest kokanee salmon. Flaming Gorge, June 2012.