Rich LaRocco

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My life so far

by Rich LaRocco

I've been trying for years to write my life history. But as a master procrastinator, I'll do it later, probably after I finish the book I hope to write someday, "How to Overcome Procrastination."

Meanwhile, suffice to say the following:

I was born in the early '50s in Utah to Franklin Samuel and Carol Bailey LaRocco, the first of five children. My sisters Lori and Linda came next, followed by brothers Alan and Craig.

We grew up in a big old house across the street from a city park and county fairground. Mischievous and adventurous, I led other kids on many exploits, good and bad. Our town was a perfect place for an imperfect child to grow up.

16 years old, listening to Radio Havana on the shortwave in my attic bedroom.

We were poor but didn't know it. A loaf of bread was a dime and so was a bottle of Nehi orange soda pop. We got three cents for every empty bottle we carted to the corner grocer.

With 20:20 hindsight, I realize I was lucky to avoid serious injury or an early admission to the afterlife. I'm currently working on a book about my boyhood adventures.

School studies were easy, probably because I became a bookworm at age 6. After high school, I enrolled at Utah State University. My first class was magazine writing.

After a two-year church mission in Japan, I returned to USU, met my wife, Julie, became editor of the student newspaper, became a father of Mark, and earned a degree with majors in environmental science and journalism.

The day I made my best decision.

After a stint as a newspaper reporter, I spent three years editing Outdoor Life Magazine in New York. Lisa was born, and we moved back to Utah, where I continued working for the magazine. Jenny was born, and I got a real estate broker's license and started a booking agency for hunters, which evolved into Hunts.Net, which I ran until 2014. Now I'm workin full time for an online hunting magazine that will launch in 2014.

Nowadays I enjoy spending time with our three children, nine grandchildren, two sons-in-law and one daughter-in-law. I've already outlived 42 of my high school graduating class and hope to outlive 397 more.

Our family, June 2011.

In spare time I enjoy playing and watching basketball, hunting and fishing, writing political satire for, photographing, cooking, vegetable gardening, and playing the guitar, harmonica and piano.

My goals: Stay healthy, trim down, catch some big fish, shoot some big deer and elk, buy a lake, build a cabin, publish some songs, write more books, do more fine art, figure out a way to retire, and finish this article.

Julie and I during our first Thanksgiving together. I'm demonstrating how to conquer the curse of being skinny.

Grandson Parker shows what he thinks about my ukulele playing.