Rich LaRocco

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My basketball addiction

by Rich LaRocco

My grandson Parker demonstrates good form while dribbling. Notice that he is looking up, not at the ball. Also notice the score. Parker's team is up. His teammate in the background, even though he's a dead ringer for the star of "A Christmas Story," is a great dribbler and always keeps his head up. It will be fun to see how these two develop. If I were a high school coach in their area, I would be encouraging these two boys and anxiously looking forward to their attaining their potential.

Recent Ruminations

The Miami Heat won the whole thing this year, and the team's fans can thank one man, LeBron James, the best player I have ever watched. Yes, MJ won more titles, but LeBron is bigger, faster, a much better passer and extremely unselfish. LJ can play any position on defense or offense, and his chief weakness in years past, shooting, has been corrected. If a draft were held today of all the greatest players of all time in their prime, not including centers, I think James would go No. 1, followed by MJ, Magic, Bird, Duncan (a hybrid center/forward) and Stockton. Rounding out the lottery in this fantasy draft would be Kobe, Durrant, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Malone, Doctor J, Cousy and Isiah. The top four or five centers might be chosen 1 through 5, but I've excluded them in this draft. And who are my favorite centers? Chamberlin, Russell, Jabbar, Shaq, Olajuwon, Bill Walton.

Personal record

I set my record for consecutive free throws a couple of weeks ago when nobody else showed up for a game set aside for pickup ball, making 45 in a row. I barely missed No. 46 and then hit 30 more before missing again. Before that my records were 37, 35 and 21.