The Wild and Wacky NBA

Shaq'll Whack

Jerry Sloan , 4th Quarter, Game 3

The Chicago Massacre

John Stockton: It's All Luck

Body Language: Believe It!

Del Harris: Those Darned Refs!

Malone: Kung-Fu Kick Master

Nick Van Exel: That Little Twerp!

Unsung Hero

FANS (Fans ANonymouS)

All articles copyrighted by Rich LaRocco

The NBA from one fan's perspective

by Rich LaRocco

The Wild and Crazy NBA contains a blurry line that separates fact from fiction, reality from fantasy, sarcasm from criticism, truth from lies, and jokes from insults. The Wild and Crazy NBA is where you attack your boss and keep your job. The league is one plac where a player rips his boss for paying a measly $5 million a year. It's where you can be a gangsta in the ghetto and a hero on hardwood. No wonder that blurry line is getting blurrier! Have fun reading my articles and see if you can see that blurry line.